Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1

Well today was a pretty busy day. I went and met up with 2 girls that I went to college with for lunch and caught up on life. Then I met up with my nephew and got matching tattoos done. We both got the words "it gets better" on us. Mine is located on my back and his is on his forearm. I will post a pic of mine once its healed up and not as red. Now I am sitting in bed watching Celebrity Apprentice and watching the live Oscar feed on Facebook.

Today I walked 1km, not as much as I wanted but it's a start.

My menu for today was as follows.

-2 slices turkey lunch meat
-1 slice havarti
-2 tbsp greek yogurt
- sliced tomatos
-1 5inch whole wheat wrap

-1/4 chicken leg (ate half)
-3/4 cup of caeser salad

-2oz of Chicken

-half of a Chicken burrito

 -Pouch Girl

Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 week Challenge

8 weeks from tomorrow is my 28th birthday. I have recently decided that 28 has become my lucky number. I created a bucket list post op where it says "be in the 200's by my next birthday" which is in 8 weeks.

So here is the challenge. I am 58 pounds shy of my goal of being in the 200's. I am averaging between 25-35 pounds a month weight loss since my surgery and that is with little exercise.  I am going to challenge myself to see if I can amp myself through that 58 pounds. I will following all my guidelines and eating all that I am suppose to. I am going to change up my diet a little bit by only getting raw foods and avoiding all pre-packed and foods chalk full of preservatives.

The Plan
-Blog everyday or every other day
-Post what I ate
-Post the exercise I did
-Keep a running log of Km's walked
-Keep a running log of how much I've lost

Wish me luck!!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas... PLEASE SHARE!

-Pouch Girl

(quick edit) If I don't achieve this goal I will not be upset! This is just a personal goal I set up for myself. I am beyond proud of myself for everything I have done so far!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fate Dress

 This is the story of how fate made me spend $20 on a dress.

So about a month ago I was out shopping with my mom and I came across this blueish/purplish dress that I tried on and fell in love with but I talked myself out of. I tend to do this a lot when it comes to buying clothes. I find a way to make myself either hate or tell my myself that I will never wear it. That day I did just that, I talked myself out of it and got a black dress (yes because I always play it safe). I get home and all I can think about is that silly dress. The following week I go shopping with a friend and show them said dress that is still there on the sale rack and I don't get it. AGAIN I go back with a friend from work and show her the dress and she tells me how great I would look it in but again I talk myself out of it. Finally I can't stop thinking about it so I call up the store to see if they still have it and they don't. I am a tad bummed but not that shocked. So sad and defeated I head out to the other mall and get myself a pair of jeans (first pair post op YAY). As I get home and check my messages there is a message from the manager from the store saying they found the dress!! Of course I am over the moon and super jazzed so the next morning I call her back and ask her if she still has it. Turns out someone had bought it AND THEN returned it.

REALLY?? This like NEVER happens!

 I was sooo happy! The only thing that was different between this dress and the one that I tried on was the one that I tried on a month ago was a size bigger. Well let me just say I am happy I got the size smaller because it fits me like it was made for me.. when you really think about it IT WAS!!

So I am going to wear my fate dress to see Kelly Clarkson March 8th!

Let this be a lesson.. If you see a dress you love on sale (80% off) JUST BUY IT!!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Size really does matter.

This subject has been one that I really have wanted to post about. I do believe that people who have already had WLS will understand this and those who are going to have it here is your warning.

 No matter how much or how fast you lose weight... you mind always lags behind.

I have lost over 130 pounds and I can honestly look in the mirror and acknowledge that the weight is gone but still not actually see it as gone. It is something that is impossible to understand because I always swore I would never be that person. I remember one night at my friends house we were discussing my surgery (my friend had already had hers) and she told me that I would not see it even though it actually happened. I swore up and down I would never be that person and that I would celebrate every single milestone and be so jazzed no matter how much I lost. I mean anything was better than what I was at pre-op. Now here I am 3 and half months later staring in the mirror in drastically smaller clothes thinking "I just don't see it" I get comments from friends and family all the time telling me that I look great or that I seem to have all this life and energy in me and I don't see it. Now this isn't me trying to be modest at all, I am being honest. Your brain and body has gone through so much post op that it takes it out of you and it's hard for your eyes to catch up to your brain.

That all being said if anyone else reading this thinking to themselves "I feel the same way" You aren't the only one. I do that all the time thinking I am the only that thinks this way when really almost everyone in our situation has thought this way at one time or another.

Just make sure to remember when someone tells you that you look good/great/amazing! Take it and thank the person because let's be honest who doesn't like being told they look good! lol

Til I post again...
-Pouch Girl

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So true...

Inspiration-- What Inspires You?

Inspiration can be found in some of the most random places you never thought to look. For some people it's music, for others its friends, family and even celebrities they look up to.

You know I have  that word thrown at me a lot since having my surgery. I keep having people telling me that I inspire them and honestly I am not trying to be modest but I don't see how I would inspire someone. I had my surgery because I knew I needed to and because I knew I deserved a better life than the non-life I was living.

I personally find my inspiration from 3 places.

First of all that being my mom. My mom is a freaking superhero. She may drive me batshit sometimes but I am not exactly the easiest person to be around all the time. Anyways, she has been sick for the last 25 years of her life battling cancer more than once and a daily fight with diabetes. She also basically raised me and my sisters (which is a task in itself) pretty much on her own while holding down a full time factory job. I may not always act like it but I am so lucky to have a woman like that in my life to inspire me.

Secondly would be my best friends. I have lots of people that I consider friends from all over  but there are core group of people that are my best friends. These are the people I can tell anything to without having to think twice about anything. I don't fear judgement when I open my mouth. They love me for me and have been there since I was at my lowest and have been seeing me though all my change with open arms. I don't need to name names because these people know who they are. Each one of these individuasl bring something to the table that inspires me. The confidence, the smarts, the job and the willingness to never quit or settle anything below them. It constantly pushes me to want to be a better person.

And finally my last source of inspiration comes from music. More specifically my inspiration comes from artists like Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga. Both artists I have had the pleasure of seeing live and I get to see Kelly Clarkson again in 3 weeks (YAY) I love these women because they are both legitimately talented people with amazing voices that don't need auto tune to sound good. They both do their own thing without caring what others think about them and on top of all of that their songs and lyrics are inspirational!

 "There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are She said, 'cause He made you perfect, babe So hold your head up, girl and you you'll go far Listen to me when I say"

"You think you got the best of me
Think you had the last laugh
Bet you think that everything good is gone
Think you left me broken down
Think that I'd come running back

Baby you don't know me, cause you're dead wrong

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone"

I hope you all have a wonderful day! And don't forget to smile because you might just be inspiring someone and you just don't know it. 

-Pouch Girl