Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 week Challenge

8 weeks from tomorrow is my 28th birthday. I have recently decided that 28 has become my lucky number. I created a bucket list post op where it says "be in the 200's by my next birthday" which is in 8 weeks.

So here is the challenge. I am 58 pounds shy of my goal of being in the 200's. I am averaging between 25-35 pounds a month weight loss since my surgery and that is with little exercise.  I am going to challenge myself to see if I can amp myself through that 58 pounds. I will following all my guidelines and eating all that I am suppose to. I am going to change up my diet a little bit by only getting raw foods and avoiding all pre-packed and foods chalk full of preservatives.

The Plan
-Blog everyday or every other day
-Post what I ate
-Post the exercise I did
-Keep a running log of Km's walked
-Keep a running log of how much I've lost

Wish me luck!!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas... PLEASE SHARE!

-Pouch Girl

(quick edit) If I don't achieve this goal I will not be upset! This is just a personal goal I set up for myself. I am beyond proud of myself for everything I have done so far!

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