Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fate Dress

 This is the story of how fate made me spend $20 on a dress.

So about a month ago I was out shopping with my mom and I came across this blueish/purplish dress that I tried on and fell in love with but I talked myself out of. I tend to do this a lot when it comes to buying clothes. I find a way to make myself either hate or tell my myself that I will never wear it. That day I did just that, I talked myself out of it and got a black dress (yes because I always play it safe). I get home and all I can think about is that silly dress. The following week I go shopping with a friend and show them said dress that is still there on the sale rack and I don't get it. AGAIN I go back with a friend from work and show her the dress and she tells me how great I would look it in but again I talk myself out of it. Finally I can't stop thinking about it so I call up the store to see if they still have it and they don't. I am a tad bummed but not that shocked. So sad and defeated I head out to the other mall and get myself a pair of jeans (first pair post op YAY). As I get home and check my messages there is a message from the manager from the store saying they found the dress!! Of course I am over the moon and super jazzed so the next morning I call her back and ask her if she still has it. Turns out someone had bought it AND THEN returned it.

REALLY?? This like NEVER happens!

 I was sooo happy! The only thing that was different between this dress and the one that I tried on was the one that I tried on a month ago was a size bigger. Well let me just say I am happy I got the size smaller because it fits me like it was made for me.. when you really think about it IT WAS!!

So I am going to wear my fate dress to see Kelly Clarkson March 8th!

Let this be a lesson.. If you see a dress you love on sale (80% off) JUST BUY IT!!


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